Things you can do to help:

Don’t buy things from retail stores, franchises, chain restaurants. Consume from local business so your money goes to a family and not to a fat man that already has more than he can spend

There are rare books that are worth reading but bestsellers and magazines bury them, do your research and choose wisely what to read

Don’t believe that voting is our greatest right, every candidate/thing you are voting for are management teams

Don’t watch the ads in television. When adds start change the channel for 3 min and then change it back

Don’t believe that the news from television or newspapers are what is really going on in the world. It’s just the little portion that media covers and it’s filled with misinterpretations

Use bank tools as less as possible (don’t use them at all). Tools as mortgage and business loans, term loans, revolving credit, credit cards, project finance, capital raising. They are all traps

Write down your dreams when you wake up, it increases the ability to remember them. Dreams are real