sesame and lilies treasure of kings

will you go and gossip with the housemaid or the stable boy, when you could talk with queens and kings; or flatter yourselves that it is with any worthy consciousness of your own claims to respect that you jostle with the hungry and common crowd for audience when all the while this eternal court is open to you, with its society, wide as the world, multitudinous as its days, the chosen and the mighty of every place and time? into that you may enter always; in that you may take fellowship and rank according to your wish; and from that, once entered into it; you can never be an outcast but by your own fault; by your aristocracy of companionship there, your own inherent aristocracy will be assuredly tested, and the motives with which you strive to take high place in the society of the living, measured as to all the truth and sincerity that are in them, by the place you desire to take in the company of the dead. this court of the past differs from all living aristocracy in that it is open to labor and to merit, but to nothing else. no wealth will bribe, no name will overawe, no artifice will deceive, the guardian of those elysian gates. in the deep sense, no vile or vulgar person ever enters there. at the portieres of that silent faubourg de st. germain, there is but one brief question, do you deserve to enter? pass. do you ask to be the companion of nobles? make yourself noble, and you shall be. do you long for the conversation of the wise? learn to understand it, and you shall hear it. but on other terms? no. if you will not rise to us, we cannot stoop to you. the living lord may assume courtesy, the living philosopher explain his thought to you with considerate pain; but here we neither feign nor interpret; you must rise to the level of our thoughts if you would be gladdened by them, and share our feelings, if you would recognize our presence

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