vandana shiva chipko

it is like the air we breathe and the water we drink, it is like beer and cricket. It is, we think, the natural order of things. The exact birthdate of capitalism remains shrouded in the mists of history, with anywhere between the 14th & 17th century being suggested. Key starting points have been identified as the enclosure of common land, the development of merchant capital, the transatlantic commerce and the witchcraft persecutions of thousands of masterless women. Capitalism prioritizes financial profit over any other human concern, this reasoning gives way many problems in the long run such as apartheid and deforestation. Capitalism also validates the idea of the bigger fish legitimately eating the smaller one, which in civilized societies gives rise social and humanitarian issues. A group of women succeeded in launching a movement called chipko with the intention of mobilizing society to protect their rights. They chattered against a group of contractors who used their elevated position in the social ladder to privatize a forest and exploit its resources. This is a commonly head story in societies where a market economy dominates, where accumulating wealth is the only thing that matters. This results in a mentality that considers people, social classes, and nature irrelevant when wheighted against profit

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