to have the illusion and not the core

It seems that the deepest works of Nature Lie open to my soul, with purest feature.Now I understand what wise seekers see:“The world of spirits is not closed:Your senses are since your heart is dead!Rise, unwearied, disciple and bathe instead Your earthly breast in the morning’s glow!”How each to the Whole its selfhood gives,One in another lives!How Heavenly forces fall and rise,Golden vessels pass each other by! Blessings from their wings disperse: They penetrate from Heaven to Earth,Encircling a harmony through the Universe!Such a picture! Ah, alas! It is merely a picture!How then can I truly grasp you endless Nature? Where are your breasts that pour out Life,To which the Earth and Heavens cling so,Where withered hearts would drink? You flow and You nourish, yet I languish so, in vain desire.

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