the pearl seed

resplendent, the Pearl rises the desirable treasure, the sign of the Immortal over the head, which becomes the House of the Rising Sun. The Macrocosm has opened. After uniting in himself all depths and polarities, man has become the universe and concludes that the whole world is contained in one grain, literally a grain of millet seed. In the middle of the Vital center, the germ of the new immortal man gradually condenses until it is born, appearing over the crown of the head like the image of Buddha on lotus blossoms, the immortal genius hovering over its human counterpart. Crystallization has occurred in the Third Eye; in the midst of its light a new point of light has appeared and, suddenly, the seed pearl is present. The True Divine Primal Man, the vehicle of divine essential nature, and Natural Man has united their seed and all polarities have found their synthesis. The New Immortal Man has been conceived in the Vital center

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