glaucon and plato’s chamber of light

there is an underground chamber with a long entrance who open to the daylight in which men have been prisoner since they were young, they are in a very uncomfortable position they cannot turn their heads and where above them there is a fire burning and between the fire and the men a curtain wall. On the other side of the curtain there are many equipments and image of men and animals made of wood and stone so they have no clue of what is really on the other side just the shadow and the appearance of the gear. The prisoner would inevitably assume that the shadows are the real things. And so if they were sounds they would assume that it belongs to the shadows. According to Plato, for those men the shadow is the whole truth. It would be too confusing to see adequately the object of which he used to see only the shadows. When the man has a closer view to this shadow what he sees is more real than the real figure. Looking directly to the fire would burn his eyes. The man would need to adapt to the light before differencing things outside. The sun controls everything in the visible world. A man who goes so far in the path of knowledge wouldn’t want to involve himself in human affairs

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