on phenomenology

a study of consciousness in its entirety, since according to all its forms it enters into positive cognitive functions. The essential study of consciousness includes also that of consciousness-meaning and consciousness-objectivity as such. To study any kind of objectivity whatever according to its general essence (a study that can pursue interests far removed from those of knowledge theory and the investigation of consciousness) means to concern oneself with objectivities modes of givenness and to exhaust its essential content in the process of “clarification” proper to it. Even if the orientation is not that which is directed towards the kinds of consciousness and an essential investigation of them, still the method of clarification is such that even here reflection on the modes of being intended and of being given cannot be avoided. In any case the clarification of all fundamental kinds of objectivities is for its part indispensable for the essential analysis of consciousness, and as a result is included in it, but primarily in an epistemological analysis that finds its task in the investigation of correlations. Consequently we include all such studies even though they are to be distinguished under the title “phenomenological”

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