beyond all shadow of a doubting thomas

with ever one fear at the heart of the long and still sea coasts coursed my Eluvium Marie, and the delights sea were mine, sapphire and emerald with fine pearls between each adventure. Through the pale courses of the land-caressing in-streams glided my barge and strange people gave to me laugh for laugh, and wine for my tales of wandering and the cities gave me impulse and the fields free passage, with ever one fear in my heart. And you should not grow weary for my returning, and they should call you from out the borderland. what else should avail me booty of whale ways other that this path i took. what should avail me golden rings or the chain-mail? what should avail me the many-twined bracelets ? what should avail me, o my beloved, here in this midan gard? what should avail me out of the booty and gain of my goings in this earth.

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