coconut water that is elixir

where is the line that separates glory from cotidianity. For one split of a second everything potentially changes going to uncharted lands. From here the rules of mortals and the mortals themselves do not matter for inside a moment it is only the feeling that is there, like a dragon that came out of the fire to eat the fire itself. No sleeping, no breathing. And through a submarine it is hard to find another one, especially when there are thousands of fish that look like submarines, because you want them to look like them. And in the heart of the moment, when you see the eyes of the girl that you saw once in a dream and she is realer than real and she is looking at you, without a context, then you will know that a spirit can potentially be forever on fireworks and that no matter how things may be around your reality, no matter how wrong and lost things may seem, a new world is as likely as an old one. To be there going inside an uncommon tangent, what a roller coaster.

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