give me the song

i have striven in vain to teach my heart to bow ; in vain have i said to him that there be many singers greater than you. but his answer comes as a vague crying upon the night that leaves me no rest, ever saying, their echoes play upon each other, seeking ever a song. i am worn with travail and the wandering of many roads have made my eyes, as dark red circles filled with dust. there is a trembling, and red elf words crying for a song, grey elf words crying for a song, little brown leaf words crying for a song, green leaf words crying for a song. the words are as leaves, old brown leaves in the

spring time blowing they know not where, seeking a song. white words as snow flakes but they are cold, moss words, lips words, words of slow streams. and in vain have i striven to teach my soul to bow, in vain have i pled with him rguing that there be greater souls than thou. for in the morn of my years a woman came as moon light calling, as the moon called the tides for a song. i made her a song and she went from me as the moon leaves from the sea, but still came the leaf words, and the brown elf words saying that the soul sent us. and we send you to channel the song. and in vain i cried to them that there is no song but my soul sent a woman, a woman of the wonderfolk, a woman as fire upon the pine woods crying for song, as the flame cries unto the sap. the song ablazed with her and she went from me as flame leaves the embers so went she unto new forests and the words were with me crying ever for a song and i have no song, for i while i have not. my soul sent a woman as the sun, as the sun called to the seed, as the spring upon the bough so is she that comes, the mother of songs, she that holds the wonder words within her eyes to put everyone in contempt and synchronisation again.

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