es is’ vorbei

Four bells where the choices of a single second affect all those that follow: the traveler came to four roads that met at one place and before each there was a bell and on each bell was a rhyme. a chime to pay for yesterday, forever lost along this way. another for an old friend past, on wheels of fortune did all we cast. one chime to god whoever be, in blackness we before to see. last for you an ancient rhyme, cut in a bell on the edge of time. you chose a road and struck the bell, for such was the destiny of that place, and in due course the traveler came to four roads that met at one place.

The beast where the fears and hopes of everyone else lie within us: on desert broad toward the sky, did weary feet go stumbling by. with bloodshot eye on distant peak, might therein lie what all we seek. for has not each a secret dream, a castle tall or sparkling stream. or held inside a childhood fear, grown darker with each passing year. had i a dream from night before, of beastly face & ghastly jaw. inside deep cavern waiting still, up jagged path on lonely hill. must all we travel so by here the wings of past fly now so near. in this black cave a phantom stole reflections of a galactic hole.

The sail where the movement changes the circumstances and without change there is no improvement: lonely ship by tempest drove, toward a dark uncharted cove. with tattered sail and bloody limb, croak out thy half-forgotten hymn. night so black asunder tore, lightning strike with crooked claw. above the storm did thunder roar, a savage surf on jagged shore. has fate this voyage crept to near, my ship yon ghastly grave to clear. dark tomb below i shall not fear, shed i this tear for yesteryear. may sorrows past no shadow cast across this way i sail today. in time all pain will sleep again far from by grace this haunted place.

The sword where the means to any end is ultimately within the spirit: robbers four from hiding they, with fearsome blade did rush to slay. chance passers by this lonely way. no price to high for some this day. and so a traveller dusty came, along that road which had no name. to meet before at heaven’s door, dark spirits from these robbers four. but all that seems must not so be, a mother’s tears into the sea. did ragged coat a secret hide, or fate on such a gamble ride. with movement faster than the eye cloth & severed limbs did fly. must all we by our hand so die once more as dust across the sky.

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