because you have eyes that lazer, and i dont know how i made it forward from that look.anyway i will probably return to that place because it is already on my mind. humans in general need to follow a pattern and make a cotidianity of it. and of course i wouldnt want my cotidianity to be a boring one. i want my substance to be superior than the others. It is the german dream. after all, when you are sitting in your couch and all the colors start to make sense and form patterns the phone will ring inevitabely, a phone that needs to be picked up because there is a need to lose control. this is the truth path that will change the look in your eyes and that will change how you look through your eyes. After being part of this process, it doesnt matter what comes of you, you will make a great life from whatever you dwell in. no chains, infinite possibilities. no strikes, all balls. another effect comes from this, you will never get old.

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