sagitaire dans sagitaire

je m’ai fait trop de reves, j’ai mit trop d’espoire. J’ai envie de sortir mais il y a quelque chose dans mon espirit qui me empeche de le faire. ca me chuchote attend un peu, ne ouvre pas ta main parsque si ca se echape ca se echape pour toujours. Cest pas evident de marcher dans l’air. I see the humans and the way they are living by. I see how everything that was potentially worthy in social contact is becoming a measured lie. The person that forecasts the weather does not now anything about what drives the clouds back and forth, what start rains. The ship set sail and no one went for the journey, they didnt see it depart. The lands of the dreams are becoming invaded by feelings and emotions so nor the setting nor the powers matter anymore. The only focus is on a feeling previously experienced. I sit inside the box these the feeling create longing for something to take me out of it, for a fox to tell me hey take it easy. Etre dans ce position, faire un voyage pareil, cest pas evident.

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