i could have

the season is changing, and the floor is adopting a different texture. Now is when it gets real, and we all know thet as one bubble pops everything around it follows its example. Bringing some truth to the idea that is in front of us because we have all been seeing it for a while and i mean why prolong something that could do us well. We acknowledge freedom and we are free, the problem is that its hard to release yourself from what restrains you from that freedom. And there has been people creating advices for the ones who seek the perfect tune. But no one can promise you you will attain anything because at the end it is only you who can internalize the fact that you deserve that freedom and that what is creating the walls of questions and thirst and desire is not you. And we would not have to worry because the past and the people out there that have marked us are still going to stay with us. And they could have given us everything and we could have seen the thousands of threads connecting our souls with theirs, that still is going to stay even if we dont hold it, but how to stop holding it. I mean to be alive is something that is taking the whole space in the room, wherever we look. I mean its like the room is getting flooded with our substance. But always remembering that out of our bodies everything is empty and absolute and anybody noticed anything that happened, which is almost always the case. So dont loose the path if you are not ready to lose it and if you lose it anyway keep in the back of your head that the wind will carry you, and to the right places too. I mean we talk about living in a galaxy that is floating and going to disappear if it is not gone already. Like that theory they have about the stars that even though we see them they have been gone for a long time, that what we see is only its recuerdo or memory which only stays alive through us. A chalice which when you drink from it you become fire and everything you see becomes fire because of the fiery wrath you are releasing. And you have seen comets passing by many years now, and one day you fell in love with one and you took all your mind belongings to it and decided to live there because the way the wind was rolling in your skin when you were hanging in that comet was amazing. And you got used to the life around and how the sunrise looks from it. And right when you start noticing how cool it is the comet leaves and you dont understand anything. And how to see the sun the same way, and how to explain what you lived

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