closing eyes hard

I was driven up to the road across the small plaza of oporto. I don’t know who they were, but they had purpose and they were taking me about going to see something. When they told me where they were taking me I could only respond as such: “You mean the Anyilina?”

I had met Anylina in an earlier dream that same night. I was on some holiday trip with my family. I’m not sure where but it was very sunny and had a purple mood, maybe aruba. It was many years ago, because I was somewhere between 10-15 years old. I went to some local store for something and that is when I saw her. Our eyes would briefly make contact but always kept returning. Each look we couldn’t help but note it and ponder on each other’s presence and what was happening. She was with a group of friends, who knew what was going on between us. So they brought us together, as we couldn’t do it ourselves.

We pulled up to a motel that charges by the hour on some impasse. One of the rooms had an all glass front to it. It was a cool night and as we walked closer to each other I could see that there was some snow on the floor inside the room. Apparently, Anylina had almost froze to death and had to be kept in a temperature-controlled room in some kind of hibernation for her own safety. As soon as I laid eyes on her it hit me like a wave, and all those feelings came flooding back. I felt like there was an unbroken permanent connection between the two of us, everything was happening. She was on a bed lying perpendicular to the entrance in this white room. She had dark hair that went down past her shoulders, it was darker than dark. Her skin was colored and was completely nude. She was perfectly still. Her arms positioned just below her chest and her legs slightly up off the bed. I stood next to the bed on the right side, being closest to the glass wall. The people that were in there taking care that she was stable started to bring her back into consciousness. After she had softened Anylina looked up at me all gently and asked:

“How long has it been?”

“Three years.”

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