Energy manipulation is controlled by feeling and emotions and its canalisation, but most importantly, by our own control, inner power and will. Before working on this skill, we must know ourselves in respect to the outside. This is best attained by applying what meditation gives us to real life situations. Keep yourself calm and controlled. Try emptying your mind of thoughts that appear. Let them pass through and dont dwell on them when they are passing. If the thoughts bring up an emotion or feeling, do not dwell on it either.

Now, when working with chi manipulation, you have to be able to harness and control that thing you are grasping when being in that lower vibration. Refer back to your meditations and how you are already not within your body and not seeing through blackened eyes but in a vast space that goes beyond your body, then canalise it and translate it into the exterior with whatever you want to focus on. You can make the wind flow differently, you can syntonize with anything you want.

First you must be able to do this basic thing as it is the foundation of energy manipulation. get into a calm, almost meditative state. Keep in good posture so your energy can flow freely through your chakras and your entire being. As you relax, feel yourself slowly releasing all tension from head to toe. Let your muscles loosen. (it may help beforehand to put on music that relaxes you and sets you at ease)

Second visualise and feel the energy throughout your body and how it expands and fusions with the outside force, get comfortable with the rush of it. Be able to identify it. To some it may feel hot, blue or cold and to others just a force or presence there. Now focus the energy building up into your arms. Once energy is settled in your arms and you can keep it there fairly steadily, focus on centring the energy into and all around your hands. It may feel weird when the energy pools there, but remember to stay calm and controlled and you will be fine. With practice you can get really skilled at this.

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