pouvoir d’achat

International economy has had been tagged as unfair because some countries are too wealthy and others too poor. The issue here is that when a country has a high GDP it is easier for it to expand, because more advancement equals higher development. This makes the capital of these wealthy countries to grow exponentially.

This wakes the question of weather a country can be put next to another when they are so different in the way they endure the way things go.
It is time that the human race stops denying that when we are placed in contrast with the firmament we are nothing. We have to understand that this age of technology, consumption, anthropocentrism is just a step to reach a higher level of understanding, which can only really be found with another level of consciousness. In the future the individual will be the centre of everything. Evolution needs to be a centred process emanating from within. This is infinitely different from contemporaneity where the individual is just at the whim of a system, which is ruled passively by the collective. This is how we are living our lives now and not even the higher economical potencies of the world can scape from this destiny, for they are trapped in the preconceptions that float about this procedure.

It is hard to scape from this system because we dig too deep, and all the negative advertisement is invading even the most peaceful places like our homes. It seems that we became consumers by nature because we fed this feature too much. Sometimes when I see into people’s eyes I see that demon of lust inside, and not even time, not even sleeping can cure something that went so deep into someone’s mind

Democracy is a very immature way of government

They cannot see what is afore their feet

Television is a dangerous invention because these people know they have the monopoly of information, and they are monitoring every single item that is being broadcasted.
Millions have lost their freedom only to give a few a high pouvoir d‘achat. And it is a hunger that cannot be satiated. They need more, they always will.

I am the wind that opens the sky, I am a first romance, I am a harpstring, I am a secret windmill in the meadows.

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