william blake

Marriage of heaven and hell

“I was in a Printing house in Hell & saw the method in which knowledge is transmitted from generation to generation.

In the first chamber was a Dragon-Man, clearing away the rubbish from a caves moth; within, a number of Dragons were hollowing the cave.

In the second chamber was a Viper folding round the rock & the cave, and others adorning it with gold, silver and precious stones.

In the third chamber was an Eagle with wings and feathers of air; he caused the inside of the cave to be infinite; around were numbers of Eagle like men, who built palaces in the immense cliffs.

In the fourth chamber were Lions of flaming fire raging around & melting the metals into living fluids.

In the fifth chamber were Unnam’d forms, which cast the metals into the expanse.

There they were reciev’d by Men who occupied the sixth chamber, and took the forms of books & were arranged in libraries.

The Giants who formed this world into its sensual existence and now seem to live in it in chains, are in truth, the causes of its life & the sources of all activity; but the chains are, the cunning of weak and tame minds, which have power to resist energy, according to the proverb, the weak in courage is strong in cunning.

Thus one portion of being, is the Prolific, the other, the Devouring: to the devourer it seems as if the producer was in his chains, but it is not so; he only takes portions of existence and fancies that the whole.

But the Prolific would cease to be Prolific unless the Devourer as a sea recieved the excess of his delights.

Some will say, Is not God alone the Prolific? I answer, God only Acts & Is, in existing beings or Men.

These two classes of men are always upon earth, & they should be enemies; whoever tries to reconcile them seeks to destroy existence.

Religion is an endeavour to reconcile the two.

Note. Jesus Christ did not wish to unit but to seperate them, as in the Parable of sheep and goats! & he says I came not to send Peace but a Sword.

Messiah or Satan or Tempter was formerly thought to be one of the Antediluvians who are our Energies.”

this slowly unravels veshches like:

Strange text. Antinomia – against the norm – against the law – transgression of sexuality, spirituality. Gnostic story> he frames that story otherwise. Blake wants to scape the code. Blake’s god is not a normative god and he ought to be constantly renewed with Perception of the finite. Religion – poetical fantasies that became institutionalised. All deities resides in the human breasts. the history of religions confirms that there are multiple gods. mythopoetic forms get formalised  they acquire a power structure = this is the fall. the danger of subjectivism ‘ poetic imagination – social unity would be impossible. if everyone would believe what they are persuaded by the imagination there is a risk that no one will agree upon anything. any image has the potentiality of be credible with rhetoric. utopia= state of intellectual world – everyone knows that everything is subjective. he is against system – but there is danger there because he creates his own metrology and this is why he was not understood for so long. he begins by an argument (a guide, map to the territory). then he makes his revisionary narrative > he is hell, devil’s party (blake emphasised the dangers of repression, the unconsciousness). intellectual war = never be centred with your own opinions. some people deserve to be led, some cant be led – lion/lambs: this depends on if you repined your instincts or not. he wants to unleashed orthodox repression. sublimation for freud is: sexual desire becomes something else like art. There will be no more false distinction betwixt heaven & hell = his dreams. He is not an anarchist, he doesn’t believe in pure expresion/pure release of energy, he wants to guide energy. energy comes from the body. Mixed multi-generic form – prose, then it rhymes. blake wants you to question your preconceptions, he wants to un do your prejudgement.

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