william collins

Ode on the poetical character

“High on some cliff, to Heav’n up-piled, Of rude access, of prospect wild, Where, tangled round the jealous steep, Strange shades o’erbrow the valleys deep, And holy Genii guard the rock, Its glooms embrown, its springs unlock, While on its rich ambitious head, An Eden, like his own, lies spread: I view that oak the fancied glades among, By which as Milton lay, his evening ear, From many a cloud that dropped ethereal dew, Nigh sphered in Heav’n its native strains could hear: On which that ancient trump he reached was hung; Thither oft, his glory greeting,From Waller’s myrtle shades retreating, With many a vow from Hope’s aspiring tongue, My trembling feet his guiding steps pursue; In vain— such bliss to one alone Of all the sons of soul was known, And Heav’n and Fancy, kindred powers, Have now o’erturn’d th’inspiring bowers, Or curtained close such scene from every future view.”

this slowly unravels veshches like:

Vatic poetry> his school. Poet as inspired, poet as being raised to the level of inspiration, vision knowledge. this was attributed to reaching god > as Milton, when he explains how can we overcome the fall. Vatic poetry > relation between eminent god and human kind. the poem is to know How does anyone become a poet. Belt> can be only given to the virgin, not the corrupt one. Fancy (archaic significance of imagination) is the person who wins the belt. Mythopoetic> is the romantic imagination. Uses the myths of the paths in a poetic function> see god, take mescaline/peyote, go to a cave, and meditate. We will never surpass the Heroic poets.

Highlanders of Scotland where killed and forced to immigrate by the English > that’s our nature. Making money lacks heroism > aristocrats are no longer entrepreneurs. Transgression is what leads to vision. Gnostics> transgress in the name of a higher order. All these ladies competes for this belt of chastity. only one can get the cest and that one is fancy. symbol of chaste love. Fancy and god are sited together. The sun: the poets gives birth/ conceive. how can live up to Milton. he sees himself, he is somehow feminine. Fancy> image making power, god’s pure mind. Masculine productivity that requires the blessings of nancy.

Backstory: Chaos and Uranus copulating. the ruler is the Sun. hierarchy order, the sun is the centre. the cosmos is created, but also this grate poetic song is created. the entire cosmos is music, everything is interrelated (pantheism> world is a living breathing unity). where is the bard’ he is talking about himself. the cosmos collaborates with him to write that he refuses the scientific understanding, Dante’s milton’s cosmos is the imagination one. The oak has a trumpet but he is unable to blow it. Milton blew that trumpet. he ends in inadequacy, he can not attain prophetic strain. he cant be Milton. for Prophetic Strain he needs a strain and a struggle.


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