laurence sterne

A sentimental Journey

“yet was I hourly recompensed by the festivity of his temper -it supplied all defects – I had a constant resource in his looks, in all difficulties and distresses of my own – I was going to have added, of his too; but La Fleur was out of the reach of everything; for whether it was hunger or thirst, or cold or nakedness, or watchings, or whatever stripes of ill luck La Fleur met with in our journeyings, there was no index in his physiognomy to point them out by – he was eternally the same; so that if I am a piece of a philosopher, which satan now and then puts into my head I am – it always mortifies the pride of the conceit, by reflecting how much I owe to the complexional philosophy of this poor fellow, for shaming me into one of a better kind. With all this, La Fleur had a small cast of the coxcomb – but he seemed at first sight to be more a coxcomb of nature than of art; and before I had been three days in Paris with him – he seemed to be no coxcomb at all.

The next morning, La Fleur entering upon his employment, I delivered to him the key of my portmanteau, with an inventory of my half a dozen shirts and silk pair of breeches; and bid him fasten all upon the chaise – get the horses put to – and desire the landlord to come in with his bill. C’est un garçon de bonne fortune, said the landlord, pointing through the window to half a dozen wenches who had got round about La Fleur, and were most kindly taking their leave of him, as the postilion was leading out the horses. La Fleur kissed all their hands round and round again, and thrice he wiped his eyes, and thrice he promised he would bring them all pardons from Rome. The young fellow, said the landlord, is beloved by the entire town, and there is scarce a corner in Montriul, where the want of him will not be felt: he has but one misfortune in the world, continued he, He is always in love.”

this slowly unravels veshches like:

La Fleur is an excellent chelloveck and an exemplar companion. Because of him Sterne is aware that satisfying the body does not attain consciousness upheaval, but he is sometimes too weak to resist temptations: “my soul shrinks back upon herself, and startles at destruction” (Sterne frg.). The overall purpose of Sterne is to get beyond his material body, and he will attempt this by feeling. He maintained that feelings arises people above materiality. In fact, his whole journey is driven by his sentiments. As he travels it can be seen how his feelings evolve, and often swerve. Sometimes he comments the triviality of not finding how to express what he feels, he also often refrains to body language to express what words cant express: “He gave a slight glance with his eyes downwards upon the sleeve of his tunic (…) I felt his reaction said more than what volumes of books could have said” (Sterne 32). In A Sentimental Journey the author also exposes that there are kinder, gentler feelings that proves we are not merely material beings. Sterne separates that kind of communication from our relationships made only for surviving (completely empty). thee is also something human in our doings, but within that kind of communication the mind might often get corrupted. We are humans, therefore we desire inevitably, but at the same time sexuality does not play a role in sentimentality. We can diverge from one to the other but they are completely different, Sterne attempts to hold sentiments to get rid of sexual desire. This task is nevertheless a hard one to complete: “great SENSORIUM of the world! which vibrates, if a hair of our heads but falls upon the ground, in the remotest desert of they creation.—Touch’d with thee, Eugenius draws my curtain when I languish”(Sterne frg). The poet will never reach the sublime through this sexual desires, but he cannot help it, it is imprinted in him.

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