A course is fruitful inherently because of the personality of the teacher; the content itself plays a super-tiny role in students. People need guidance, no matter the age, to interact in the environment they were thrown – and a teacher, a teacher gives reassurance. Concerning the role of a teacher, their personality should be of a leader, a lion and they shall aim to a good end. I remember all my lion-personality teachers, from first grade until last semester. When I watched through the window – which was three times – I discovered some interesting things about the small garden adjacent to the building. That garden has a sleeping ray, I bet.

Never be idle, that is the key to not drift into spleen. Never stop remembering that, in your next course, you will meet new people that need the guidance of a lioness and you ought to help them expand their minds, because mind expansion is the only way we will reach to the state of super-humans. When we get there – some smart ones say – we will be able to do unimaginable things while sleeping and we will be much more in touch with ourselves.

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