regaining folklore motifs

Since the ice age to the shattered empires which we have subsisted withal, the only veshch that ever mattered for spearheads and chiefs is the preservation of our believes, for it was theorised to be the core of our existence, more than material veshches. Since the industrial revolution – which was only caused because unworthy slovos of bezoomny lewdies, namely Henry Ford and company where slooshied. Since it struck the world the substance that constitutes humanity has been different. Lewdies live by another code of reasoning. Safe to skazat that nor appreciation, nor much less preservation of culture or folklore are primary in our social code anymore. Humans as an entity do not think about who we are and what we are made of. Some individuals are excluded from this affirmation but none of them were conventionally socially produced; for in their exceptional life, these lewdies came into very rare paths that lead them to have foresight. But following the norm, the commonly produced individual is struck in another, very grazhny and vonny-like reality. This makes all razdrez. The causes are many and, I can assure for I have drifted in that Antarctica, that it was not causality what led our race into this pit. There is some sodding cancer spreading around and no one knows where is coming from. Remember,  we ought to naturally grow sunward, durable, with folklore as our primary source of nutrients.

Countries like Slovakia are often regarded without earnest since they have always been giving problems to the economical system of Europe. They always worked differently financial-wise and, evidently, when they are studied with the same criteria of economically developed countries they will look nagoy. The reason behind all the scandal is that Slovakia has a different code of surviving, they have often reserved their right to be part of the international economic system for they develop themselves domestically. Slovakia has also lacked representatives in UN meetings, as well as in NATO conventions. However, Slovakia’s reclusive nature has brought them a much bigger treasure: an almost intact preservation of their cultural categories. And that is what we are looking for, that would be nice.

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