james thomson

The Seasons. Spring

(…) When Heaven and Earth, as if contending, vye To raise his Being, and serene his Soul. Can he forbear to join the general Smile Of Nature? Can fierce Passions vex his Breast, While every Gale is Peace, and every Grove Is Melody? Hence! from the bounteous Walks Of flowing Spring, ye sordid Sons of Earth, Hard, and unfeeling of another’s Woe, Or only lavish to yourselves; away! But come, ye generous Minds, in those wide Thought, Of all his Works, creative Bounty Burns, With warmest Beam; and on your open Front, And liberal Eye, sits, from his dark Retreat, Inviting modest Want. Nor, till invok’d, Can restless Goodness wait; your active Search Leaves no cold wintry Corner unexplor’d; Like silent-working Heaven, surprizing oft The lonely Heart with unexpected Good. For you the roving Spirit of the Wind Blows Spring abroad; for you the teaming Clouds Descend in gladsome Plenty o’er the World; And the Sun sheds his kindest Rays for you, Ye Flower of human Race! — In these green Days, Reviving Sickness lifts her languid Head; Life flows afresh and young-ey’d Health exalts The whole Creation round. (…)

this slowly unravels veshches like:

Desire to wonder in nature. He was in love with a devotchka called amanda, but was never satisfied. Proverb – Walking alone to walking with someone (being with someone). Nature is a space of desire. Tries to make up for lack of love, nature perform that substitute of function in the verse. Appreciating the beauty of nature to fulfil an absence of love. In other writings of his there is a political discourse: he is against war, against corruptions, against politicians. Agriculture: war against nature. Tirane dominates, the lord is the responsible force – we act as the lord of nature. anti exploitation. Thomson was not a cosmopolitan individual, he praised the british. Labor vs Luxury: He wants to have an un-mediative relationship with nature. He confronts the insufficiency of art, music, agriculture, navigation, language. Conflict between art and nature. Everything is instinct of life, so taking off life is a crime. Animals are sacred. monarch give wrong orders. Ideally only fishes should be eaten. art can never live up to nature (line 506). Negligence of nature, art imitates (line 455) but who can paint like nature. Insufficiency of imagination. Nature is a continual flow of foresight, sun, rain, up and down of water, seasons. Discourse of human insufficiency: Nature is beyond us. Nature is refinement. Luxury/ desire for more is the cause of the corruption of virtue – luxury is bad. (line 196) comodifying nature.Nature is represented, is always already viddied through the lenses of art. Man is identified by labor, but where is the pleasure of labouring. Some work and don’t enjoy it and others consume, classicism. Take a walk in nature – work your excesses. Constantly re-addresses nature, personifies nature – this way he steps in some ground against lewdies or people. The I is a processing machine – nature is not perceived as it is displayed/played in a scene, there is no naked perception of the word – no satori. Nature exceeds the I, nature exceeds me. You cant penetrate the womb of mother earth. The Golden Age – when lewdies did not kill, no war, no murder, when man was not the tirane of the world but the lord – raz or time of Adam. Finds calm/peace of nature because he wants to flee of what love becomes in the fallen world. In the golden age lewdies lived with nature – true art. somehow reason has produced this rotten world. Nature retreats from us. Nature is beyond the search of our art. Nature can not be coincided by the eye, trapped by the sciences.

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